Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is it......

Okay, so I have the MOST shrinkage of any Napp out there!! I DARE ya to say any different. My friend gave me an old pic and I was looking at it and remembering the weekend that it was taken and JUST how hard it was for me to get a pick through my hair due to shrinkage. I had SO many knots and tangles back then. My hair HAD to be about six inches and it barely looked like one inch. In fact, you could see the headband in back (not cute) and I was TRYING to have a faux puff and it just wasn't WORKING for me that day!! LOL!! Fast forward to today and I have figured out all of the basics and now I think my hair will be able to retain MORE length because I am ALL DONE with the fluffy puff. you know the one....you braid and twist and let it stretch out overnight and it's larger than life! LOL!! Well, In order to get that look to work for me I either have to spend a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG time shaping with my fingers or pick it, which is a NO-NO!! I should NEVER pick my hair when dry!!!! I will just have to hope that MAYBE I can get 10-12 inches of hair so that I can have a two to three inch fro. Will it happen? We shall see. I also have the issue of my temples! They do not grow as much (or they shrink more?) so when I DO have a fro and wear a headband it looks like it's it higher in the very front(behind the headband) and that is a hot mess. I have a pic that hubby and I took in a booth and I had that look going on. NOT cute!! So....with all of these issues, what's a girl to do? I think a chunky fro (or not SO evenly picked out) makes my hair look better. These days I have been using my Widu pick and it is SO easy on my hair it's ridiculous. Here's a link to one....www.widu.com. I LOVE my pick!! I do not endorse ANY kind of brushes or combs for MY hair twins. However, if you MUST brush, do so at your own risk. For me, that is definitely a recipe for disaster. My fro makes that famous UHHHHHOOOGUH!!! sound with bugged eyes when I even THINK about it.

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Amina said...

Congratulations on your blog and thank you for sharing your struggles with us.
I just hate combs and don't even own one.. For me, it is a tool of torture especially when i remember how i was kid and used to cry when someone tried to comb my hair..

I also have mad shrinkage but I just embraced..most of the time, I just wear a shrunken fro...
fluffy puff: from time to time but not everyday..too much work!!
plus i hate wearing my hair stretched..