Thursday, February 19, 2009


I hope that I can get past this, but I think I'm going to have to lay down the oil once and for all. As much as I like to have shiny hair, I can't deal with the itchy scalp. With that said, I went out and bought some Proline comb-thru moisturizer. I like the ease with which I can section my hair off with this product, though I DON'T like the way that my hair feels when it is wet and I apply the product. Once I trim off these colored ends (a while down the road) my hair will feel a lot better. It feels soft and moisturized NOW, though my scalp still flakes. I tried putting the moisturizer directly on my scalp, but it didn't work. So, I'll just have to be resigned to a flaky sclp and moisturized hair. I just want to keep my hair from breaking. I only use a comb on wash day, after that I try to use the end of a rattail comb for parting and use my fingers to smooth out sections. I typically smooth downward. I am reading a very interesting book on hair maintenance by Chicoro. I am not going to get into the specifics of her methods (due to copyright) but it is very interesting. I'm not sure exactly how much of what she wrote applies to me, but my goal is to grow TRUE shoulder length hair. I do like her trimming advice. I recommend that you get her book if you need tips on growing out your hair. She is very pretty, with a head FULL of GORGEOUS hair. I often wonder if my hair CAN actually get shoulder-length, because even getting bottom-of-the-collar hair is a milestone for me. So, here goes. I'm in my 30's and just NOW learning how to take care of my OWN hair.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Okay, so my hair is EASY!!! All I have to do is shampoo, condition, and apply an oil and commence to sectioning. Now, it's the SECTIONING that I don't like and never DID like but honestly, that's what HAS to be done to manage my hair. WHY I didn't stick it out is beyond me. I mean, if you KNOW that something WORKS, then why not DO that very thing?? The same thing goes for my daughter. Here I am mixing up all kinds of concoctions, spending oocoo money on products, and all the time we would have been good with just some Nature's Gate Herbal shampoo and conditioner, Wild Growth Hair Oil and sectioning. After I section my DD's hair, I let it dry and then cornrow her stretched hair. Her hair is MUCH easier to get through than mine. Her breakage spots are really filling in now that I have stopped using rubber bands. I really think it was the mechanics of what I was doing moreso than the products, though the clarifying shampoo was stripping and couldn't possibly have helped. I will be putting my hair back in twists today. The goal is to leave it like that for a week. So far, I have NOT been able to go one whole week without shampoing my hair. I only do my dd's hair once per week, though. All in all, I am a LOT happier with my hair now than I was about a week ago. I will just have to carve out some time in my sched for my hair.