Friday, October 10, 2008


I recently decided to try Qhemet's Cocoa Tree Detangling ghee. I LOVE this product. It has the scent of dark chocolate due to the virgin cocoa butter. This product gives great slip and keeps my hair soft all day! I also love the fact that it does not contain fragrances or harsh preservatives that will make my scalp itch. I have been through a LOT of products in my day, so I KNOW when I've found a keeper. Get yours at

One other thing that I LOVE is my WIDU pick. I will not part with that thing. In my experience, kinky hair needs widely spaced teeth in order to keep from being torn out. I have noticed that since I keep certain combs in my reach, I do a lot better. I cut my hair off REALLY short, but hubby didn't like that (and to be honest, I was over it very quickly) so I am growing it back. I need to be gentle so that I don't do so much damage. What I typically do is apply some water (using my spray bottle) to my fro and then I apply the moisturizer after that. My hair is very easy to pick out if I handle it that way. DRY picking is a no-no!! DON'T DO IT if you have hair like mine!!!


Amina said...

The new Qhemet detangler is amaazing!!
So far, I am happy with it and make sure i have it around

gilroygal said...

Yep., I don't see myself running out of this one....I'll order it in advance!