Friday, March 19, 2010


Hey y'all!
I haven't been here in a while, so I wanted to let you guys know what was going on with my hair. I have been wearing it stretched and it tends to want to knot up when I try to section it off. I still love my hair, though. I bought some Carol's Daughter Smoothie, shampoo and hair balm. I choose the Black Vanilla line and it seems to be good for my hair but I'm not gonna lie and act like my hair has been transformed by this stuff. I DO love the balm, my hair feels so soft with the shampoo, conditioner, and balm. Really, my hair is naturally soft unless I use something TERRIBLE in it. It's still fragile, but I am dealing with that. I thought that I ordered some kind of protein thingy from Sizta to Sizta, but maybe my order didn't go through because I didn't get the stuff and she's really good about getting the stuff to me. Nothing much is going on with my hair other than that.