Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New pic...SOMEDAY!!

I think I'll update my pic since I have a little something going on in the hair department now. I don't have much to show in terms of style. I just do a zigzag part in my hair in the front (semi-middle) and smoth it back with a couple of clippies. I can't go too far back because my hair isn't very long in the front, but it's cute nonetheless. I think my length retention will be better now that I have changed the handling of my hair a bit. So maybe I'll make it to 35 with a head full of hair! I have a pitcture on my desk with a stretched fro that was pretty massive. I KNOw I can get there again. Thing is, I'd like to get that size fro on my SHRUNKEN hair. I wonder if I'm dreaming to think that I can get a two inch SHRUNKEN fro?

My dd's hair is doing well. I cut it pretty even and will keep it at that length until the top areas that are broken off grow out. Her hair will basically be in a bob by the time that I get through with it. I am going to go back to the Suave Daily Clarifying, but I think that not using the rubber bands has been a GREAT thing for her hair. The little broken off patches are filling in. They are surrounded by longer hair, so I have cut the longer hair down to a reasonable length so that the VERY short hair can get even with it. I NEED to get some sharper scissors so that the ends are blunt. I also have to stop clipping it EVERY time I touch it. Her cornrows end pretty evenly at the bottom of her neck, so it's all good.

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