Monday, March 9, 2009


Caution...RANT ahead!!!
Okay, so when I wrote the LAST post,, I had an order of coca hemp buttercream on order from Donna Marie. WHHHHYYYYYYY?????? Why do I keep trying to hold out hope that I will actually be able to use something OTHER THAN olive oil??? I just need to give up and go on. I think that going on hair boards is not conducive to me right now. I have learned a LOT, but MAN, allI do is TRY different products hoping that each one will be the next best thing. My SCALP is telling me to STOP!! I give in. My hair is thriving, but I gotta let go! I am going to try a twistout on my little two inches of hair tonight. I can't wait to get past this length.


Amina said...

aaw..sorry you're having problems with it!
Empressri said it is very drying! She has to swap it and went back to her qhemet..
are you still using the aohc?

off topic: I am taking down my 4 month babies locks..I miss my loose hair soo much

Kinky Rhonnie said...

I have to agree with my girl Amina, Qhemet Amla/Olive Heavy Cream is wonderful.

Pricey but worth every penny as there is nothing like it.

gilroygal said...

I have tried the heavy cream. I had a reaction to it. :( I think it is a very good product and I use it on my daughter's hair. It works wonders! I can't do anything with hair prods right now. I need to find some BASIC, UNSCENTED products and keep it moving.