Monday, December 1, 2008

I scored!

I ordered three jars of Qhemet's Amla and Olive Heavy Cream during the sale today! I am so happy. It really works well for me and I was tempted to get some of the other products but decided that it would be unneccessary. I am happy with the results that I am getting, so I don't need anything else.

I rebraided my daughter's hair last night. I think I pretty much have the concept down. Armed with the heavy cream and a spray bottle of water, I was able to do a pretty good job with her hair. I am on the path of acceptance of her frizz because almost as soon as I get her hair finished it looks a couple of days old. Oh well.

I am pretty bored with my hair. Now that I don't comb/pick it I see little white balls in my hair occasionally. They are from shed hair. I'm not really sure what (if anything) I should do about this. I have read many posts on hair boards where people have stated that they clear out the shed hair with a Denman brush and whatnot, but I think that would be damaging to my hair. Hmmmm.......

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Amina said...

I ended up getting multiples of everything. I followed Afroknots'advice stock up once a year that way you cannot justify any additional purchases and you save more money

I also heard people rave about the denman..Then one day when I was at Sally with my little sister, i saw it and i screamed hell naw!! Some swear by it, i know that on my hair, it will leave me B-A-L-D!!