Monday, December 22, 2008

S2S A FAIR Asessment

I decided to write a fair assesment of the prodcts that I used from S2S. Since I LOVE my Qhemet products SO much, it was very hard to be objective. At any rate, the Lavish cleasning Phoo was very slippery and gentle. The oil moisturizer was light, nogreasy and moisturinzing. However....I had a pretty bad reaction (face and body broke out) and I have since tossed the products. I will HAVE to stick to my Qhem's. I have some Wheatgrass cleansing tea on the way. I haven't used it in a long time and I will post my reviews once it gets here.

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Naturally Beautiful said...

Glad you like the Qhemets. I left a review on her board and she sent me a 10% discount, however you can have it because I never order online. Here it is positivebuzz HTH