Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I enjoyed it while it lasted...

Well, I enjoyed my stretched out hair while it lasted. I did a couple of styles, but my hair SHRINKS so easily that by day three it just wasn't worth it to tackle the bush and put it in twists just to have a semi-stretched fro style. I ALWAYS get tired of this after a few days because right now my hair is so short and shrinkage is just not very forgiving. I am still using the ORS replenishing conditioner and I actually got it in the big bottle. I LOVE the way that my hair feels after rinsing this product out. I also feel that my hair is getting softer with each use of the conditioner. I have been using my Qhemet Amla and Olive Heavy cream as a moisturizer instead of the Blue Magic. To me, Blue Magic works better when I'm stretching my hair stretched out vice wearing it shrunken. When I wear it shrunken, I prefer to use hair lotions or creams. I have S2S on order again since I am using a good conditioner. My hair might actually be softer now. I remeber giving it a not so good review in the past. We'll see. As far as my hair being fragile, it has gotten MUCH easier to deal with now that I have a great conditioner. My hair is growing for SURE and I hope to get the six inxh goal by the end of the year.

HAIR TIP- When sectioning off the hair to do nighttime twists, /I tend to use my fingers instead of a comb. I pick the strands apart if they tie themselves together. It is best to lift the strands out of the knot as opposed to pulling downward on the knot. Pulling downward will tighten the knot. It also helps to put a little oil or moisturizer on the knot before attempting to loosen it.

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Amina said...

YAY! Glad to hear you found products that work for you