Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm so EXCITED!!

Like many aspiring mixtresses, I have been working diligently on formulating products for MY hair. Unlike most product lines, mine will be OIL FREE. The focus here is creating moisturizing products that provide slip. This is the PERFECT recipe for FRAGILE hair like mine and my daughter's. I don't think the answer is PILING ON PROTEIN as much as providing slip and moisture to prevent the loss of strands. MY hair type (kinky AND fragile) is PRONE to breakage AND dryness. Right now, my daughter (who also has kinky and fragile hair) has two major patches of breakage and I TRY very hard to be gentle with her hair. My goal for HEr is fullness and evenness rather than length right now. However, I think I have the theoretical part of our haircare down to a science, now I just have to figure out the product ingredients needed to make sure that our hair is well taken care of. I am on my way....I made my first test batch of conditioner. Now I am beginning to finalize the list of ingredients for each product. Since I am in the process of moving, I'll have to wait to get settled before I can do my SERIOUS work. So, I think that October will see the beginnings of the ACTUAL product line being consistent and THEN I should actually be able to get some samples out. My goal is NOT to compromise my product as I have seen so many others do. I also want to market to the few people (like myself) who have sensistive skin or who just prefer to use minimal ingredients in their haircare. Wish me luck!!!

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Amina said...

Congratulations!! I had no idea you were formulating a hair care line!!! i am so proud of you!