Sunday, July 12, 2009


I found a really nice CHEAP cone-free, propylene glycol AND paraben free conditioner for les than $3. It is called Africa's Best Instant Detangling conditioner. I posted about this on a hair board that I frequent. I like this MUCH better than Suave Tropical coconut! The tropical coconut is thin and runny and does a decent job of moisturizing, but the Africa's Best is REALL good at moisturizing. It DOES have protein-like ingredients at the end of the list, so I used it as a deep conditioner. Light protein treatments work BEST for me, so I got that to use as a regular and deep conditioner. I am okay with the Suave, but I'll porbably use it on my DD's hair until I run out because she has softer hair than mine and her hair responds better to the Tropical coconut. One thing that I know is that I am back to using conditioner. The Africa's best does a much better job at detangling than the Suave does. It's time for me to trim my ragged ends. I don't want to lose the little bit of length that I have retained, but no since in holding on to raggedy ends. I think I'll section my hair off and go through it with the scissors tomorrow.

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