Friday, June 26, 2009


Yep, I straightened my hair. Though not permanent, the style WAS cute. I have to say that my hair grows out in layers that look very attractive when flipped. Anywhoo, I doubt I'll ever do that again. It took so much efort to do it, plus I HATED the smell of pressed hair. I used a blow dryer, then a flat iron, then a plug-in pressing comb and STILL my hair did not get straight. My strands REBELLED. I mean, I had a full, flipped, look, but it can be very damp and moist here in Washington, so my efforts didn't last long at ALL. So, needless to say, I'm back to my shrunken fro. My hair has grown SO MUCH, but I realized that I need to TRIM it more often. I think I will BAND my hair to get the desired stretched look for trimming. It just doesn't pay to do it since I don't have much length. I am at about four inches overall. I haven't been using combs until yesterday. My hair KNOTS so much that combing through it helps. I just have to REALLY be careful NOt to snap strands off. It's easy to do with my hair type. I personally would like to be ALL DONE with knots and I WISH that my hair would grow out full and long like so many others that I've seen, but I just have to be resolved with what I have for now. If I get SIX inxhes, I will be happy.

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Amina said...

can we see a picture? :)