Saturday, January 17, 2009


Weeeeellllllll....there are so many other things to talk about. I LOVE talking about hair, but so many of my hair idols have thick hair. WHY do I sit and drool over their fotkis KNOWING that my hair will NEVER be like that. WHY? I know that my hai is fragile (hence this blog) and though many people out in nappy cyberspace ALSO have kinky hair, when see their strands I'm like MAN!!! There ARE a couple of fine haired extremely kinky nappies with long hair (that I KNOW of ), but it would seem that they are few and far between. I wouldn't even knw where to begin to get long hair. I know that braids and twists (basically just moiturinzing the hair andkeeping it in protective styles) would help, but my scalp goes CRAZY when I leave braids in for any length of time. I don't neccessarily like the way that ma hair looks when I don't pick it out, plus I get terible knots if I don't. I don't know what to do! I am 34 and I have always wanted long hair, but perhaps I shuld get over that too. I mean, with all of the allergies and problems that I have had, there's really not MUCH that I can use.

Okay, so I found a really GREAT gentle shampoo. It is Nature's Gate Herbal nourishing (I think) but it is also known as the "original". I was tempted to get the conditioner, but then I was like WHY?? I love that strong herbal smeel, though. It is no longer SLS based (the shampoo) but it has SLS in it after the long C14-blah-blah-blah lathering agent. It is really very gentle and mild. It is also easily affordable and readily available. That's a plus for me these days!

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