Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, so here's my rant on products!! I'm having a hard time figuring it out!! I will use something new and then my scalp will be on fire. I recently decided to go back to Asha's MA and I also have some Qhemet Biologic's Amla and Olive Heavy Cream on the way. MA was my old love and then I decided that I no longer liked it, but I think I'm just crazy when it comes to my hair because NOTHING really affects my carpet all that much. I mean, there are some things that soften it more than others (alas my ghee...SIGH) but overall it STILL looks the same! SO WHY DO I KEEP PUTTING MYSELF THROUGH THIS????!!!!! I just need to get a few key things and step on! I think it's my devotion to the hair boards that gets me caught up at times. I think what will help is if I go ahead and just uuse distilled water. It is very time consuming, though and there was only one brand that really worked well and then I couldn't find it on the shelves. I think it was Ozark or SOMETHING. At any rate, I'll give it a try again because I think it will really help both mine AND my daughter's scalps since we BOTH get that flakiness and itchiness that probably comes from the water being so hard here. I ordered some of Asha's rosemary mint shampoo. This stuff actuially WORKED on my daughter's hair if I used distilled water, but NOT with regular tap water. Her scalp was doing better back then too! The only thing that works well with our hard water is Suave Daily clarifying, which is EXTREMELY drying and stripping to our hair. I am TIRED of having my hair feel dry and stripped. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! I did like the Qhemet's wheatgrass cleansing tea as well, though. I think it would work better with distilled water also.

The Sophia's Old fashioned hair grease ended up making sores on my scalp, but my daughter's hair and scalp are still holding up extrmely well, so I think I'll keep using it on her.

I used some whipped pudding this morning and my hair is soft but I don't think my scalp likes the added fragrance, so maybe I'll get an unscented jar down the line.

I think that Asha's MA has the BEST fragrance of any product that I've ever used.

Oyin is AWESOME on damp hair and it helps with detangling, but I NEED to get it unscented. My hair feels GREAT now that it has dried!

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Amina said...

aaaw....I hear your frustration in finding the right products.
Do you have a shower filter?
It helps with hard water...

MA is a great product indeed...
keep us posted :)